Victoria Moss

Victoria is an experienced practitioner and a fully licensed and insured member of the British Acupuncture Council.

She trained at the London Institute of Five Element Acupuncture and completed her clinical training as an apprentice to two master practitioners, qualifying in 2012. She has since undertaken several post graduate courses in five element acupuncture and Shonishin Paediatric Acupuncture and is committed to continually developing her clinical skills and knowledge. Some examples of the conditions Victoria has helped to treat include: depression, anxiety, insomnia, fertility issues, PCOS, PMT, menstrual irregularities, supporting those undergoing IVF, pain, and headaches. Victoria also practises Shonishin, a unique type of non-needle acupuncture designed especially for the treatment of babies and young children. It has been practised in Japan for over 250 years and Victoria has treated babies and children with sleep problems, behavioural issues, asthma and digestive difficulties.

The simplicity and transformative power of five element acupuncture never ceases to amaze her, and she loves to work with each patient to help them improve their physical and mental health, boost their vitality and help them to reach their potential