Parent Yoga

Mathilde Theill

Advanced Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher & Massage Therapist, with 12+ years of experience.

She is the Co-owner of Training Points along with Taylor Battery.

Mathilde is very open, warm and supportive, with a direct approach to teaching that results in an enthusiastic and energetic response from her clients. She is very good at determining clients’ needs to achieve their goals. She ensures that each session is used as effectively as possible to meet those needs whilst maintaining a balanced workout.

Mathilde runs her Personal Training, Fitness & Wellness hub in Crystal Palace, with multiple studios and treatment rooms and as such can provide a holistic approach to well-being, whether you need Personal Training, Private/Group classes, Massage or a combination of all three. Her studio is equipped with a wide range of equipment, to make her session’s fun, varied & challenging. She focuses on her client’s posture, correct exercise movement and breathing techniques for the best possible workout and results.

She Specialises In

Pre & Post-natal specialist in Pilates, Personal Training and Massage Therapy – for clients seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy body, recover from C-sections, weak pelvic floor or Diastasis recti.

Hypnobirthing Teacher – teaching 1-1 couples,  group courses, online courses & at the studio.

Body sculpting – for clients who want to tone up, lose weight & improve their flexibility.

Rehabilitation Fitness & Massage – for clients who require alleviation of aches & pains and increasing mobility.