Laura Devonshire

Laura is a Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Sound Healing
Practitioner with a passion for holistic wellness and wellbeing.
Laura’s journey with holistic therapies initially began with Reflexology in 2008, looking for ways to help manage and balance high stress levels whilst juggling work and life demands. Laura was fascinated by the treatments and how
much calmer and more balanced they made her feel and qualified as a practitioner in 2011, not realising what a
life changing journey this would be. The modalities Laura works with have been a big part of her life tool-kit,
nourishing and helping her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In turn Laura feels passionate about sharing their benefits to help others find wholeness, happiness and balance within.
Laura will hold a safe, supportive space for you to take a step out of your busy day bringing a holistic approach to your wellness with the aim to restore balance to the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your wellbeing.
Allowing you to arrive back into your day feeling harmonious, grounded and connected.
Soundbaths Sessions:
Laura is hosting Sound Baths at Training Points, working with Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls,
Koshi Chimes and Shamanic Drum. Singing Bowls create beautiful and powerful multi-layered pulses of sound that
affect our brainwaves. During sound healing the singing bowls entrain the brain to move from Beta brainwaves, our normal waking state to Theta brainwaves that are dominant in deep meditation.
It is in theta that our senses withdraw from the external world and focus within.
Through sound healing we are working to restore and rebalance the vibrational frequency in all the cells, tissues, organs of the whole body, encouraging equilibrium and homeostasis.