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somatic life coaching

Somatic life coaching supports you to get unstuck, step into your potential and become more present in your body, mind and life as a whole.

From day-to-day pressures to complex struggles, life can be demanding and take its toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically. You might be wondering if you’ll ever slow down long enough to catch your breath, or when you’ll finally make more fulfilling choices.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, experiencing low self-esteem, or lacking direction. There are all sorts of reasons why people work with a coach.

Coaching offers a space to express yourself and be listened to with compassion. It is a chance to slow down and reflect, so you can see things differently and experience shifts in how you feel. It allows you to learn tools that work for you and enable you to grow and feel empowered in your life. It unlocks new possibilities that will move you forward in ways that surprise and delight you.

Drawing upon a range of well-established methods that untap the wisdom of your nervous-system, somatic coaching will help you evolve your way of being and discover new possibilities for a more present and fulfilling life, as you learn to navigate life’s challenges with grace, wisdom and compassion.

Nathalie is a professionally qualified somatic and integral development coach, with over 10 years experience in the field of embodiment and personal development, and has worked with hundreds of people from diverse walks of life.

Please contact Nathalie directly for more information on how you can work together, from single sessions that address a specific issue, to in-depth coaching programmes for lasting change.

Coaching with Nathalie has helped me to truly start living with more presence. To begin to untangle the layers of complicated fears, emotions, desires and beliefs that have been keeping me stuck. To feel excited about the possibilities of being alive! To feel more choice about where I want to focus my energies in life and how I choose to experience life.

Kyia, Teacher