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Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a well established form of manual therapy. 

In addition to being effective in the relief of symptoms, one of the main strengths of osteopathy lies in the ability of a qualified osteopath to assess each person’s individual history and circumstances to ascertain what factors have contributed to a particular complaint.

The problem might be very straightforward – perhaps an overstrain injury in someone who is otherwise fit and healthy.

On the other hand it might be something more complicated – an accumulation of several factors such as a sedentary job, little time for exercise, loss of muscle tone and poor recovery from a previous complaint.

These together can lead to a similar looking set of symptoms but each will require a different approach and your osteopath will advise you accordingly.

For further information please go to The South London Osteopathic website  or call 020 8653 8810 for an appointment with Julia Pilkington.

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