Our class numbers are small compare to commercial Gyms. We have a lovely sense of community that our clients appreciate and that they are part of creating. We are a small independent Fitness & Therapy Studio, run by Mathilde Theill and Taylor Battery. The studio is staffed with a vast range of Natural Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates & Yoga Teachers.


Booking Classes

We request that all classes are booked and paid for before you come for a class. Our website is fully responsive so you can easily book from your mobile phone  even on your way to the studio! Booking online minimum 30min before a class start. We prefer all clients to book their classes in advance, as we require a complete list of everyone coming in to the building for health and safety reasons.

If you are having issues with our booking system please let us know and we can book a class for you or help with technical hitches. We cover the reception area around peak hours.

Otherwise it is look after by the therapist & trainers at our studio, most administrative matters being dealt with online or by email.

Account Queries

If you have an account query, please log in to your Training Points account where you can track your e-schedule, visit history, purchases and account details. If you are unable to resolve it online, please email us.

Waiting List

We have a waiting list for up to three people per class; classes can get fully booked during peak times but it is unusual for someone not to get a place in the class they would like.

If a class is full, add your name to the wait list and an email will be sent to you if a space comes free; if you are then unable to attend, us and we will cancel your booking (our 12-hour cancellation policy does not apply to the wait list).

We also have text message notifications so if you would like to opt in for those just let us know.


Please note our cancellation window is 12 hours for classes. For Personal Training, Treatments & Workshops, the cancellation window is 24 hours (sometimes longer) please check the terms and conditions on the relevant workshop page.

While we do fully appreciate that late cancellations often happen for reasons beyond your control Ð illness, weather, British Rail (!), childcare, family or other valid reasons, it is impossible for us to administrate and arbitrate late cancellations or to reallocate spaces, so all late cancellations are automatically charged without exception, thank you for understanding.

If you have missed the cancellation deadline, please still “late cancel” so that the teacher knows not to expect you.

Note; that we do not accept cancellations by phone or email; all cancellations must be made via your online account.

Studio Mats

It’s natural to sweat in our classes, for hygiene reasons bring your own mat, or towel. Mats are available to use, but only if you bring your own towel or hire a towel at the reception to put over it. Make sure you clean off your mat with the provided spray and cloth to keep is nice and clean for the next student.

Finding Us

Our Studio is located in the Triangle of Crystal Palace,Êoff Westow Hill. Coopers Yard is located in between Iceland and KFH Estate agent. Walk down the slope, we are the white stable with a lovely balcony + a massive old Victorian clock on the building. Buzz the door if itÕs not open, give a few minutes to get from the studio or treatment room to come down and let you in.


Signing in to class

When you arrive, please check in at the IPad on the front desk by ticking the box next to your name on the class sign in screen.

If it is your first visit, please tell a member of staff so that we can show you around, answer questions and ensure you feel welcome. Note that we have someone at the front desk at peak times only.

If you need more advice or request a consultation contact us by email for a booking slot. At off peak times the teacher will be able to assist should you need an orientation or help.

Late & Early Arrivals

Teachers have the right to refuse entry to clients who are late for class so please always arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled class and be aware that if you are late you may not be able to gain access to the centre and if you are too early you may need to wait to get access.

Please be mindful that it is very disruptive for both teachers and students to have late comers to class.

Studio Etiquette

To help ensure everyone has the best experience possible at Training Points please honor the following guidelines:

  • register, book and pay for your classes online arrive 5-minutes before your class to avoid disrupting classes in progress
  • be as quiet as possible on arriving, whisper or keep chatting to the minimum
  • in our reception area/ hallway as our treatment rooms are just next door, while waiting for class and on leaving to avoid disrupting treatments and classes
  • mute mobile phones and refrain from using them while in the studio
  • remove shoes on arrival and place in the shoe rack in the reception
  • take valuables into the studio
  • Coming with baby, please park your pram outside the studio on the cobbled stones in our yard
  • be clean of body and perfumes when practicing
  • refrain from eating at the studio – we prefer it to be a food-free zone
  • in busy classes, move your mat to create space for others where necessary

Note that teachers have the right to refuse late-comers to class – if you are more than 5 minutes late we request that you do not go into class. Thank you

Opening hours

MON – FRI 06.00 – 21.30 

SAT – SUN 08.00 – 16.00 

Our Address

Training Points

6 Coopers Yard
Crystal Palace
SE19 1TN