“I loved the Hypnobirthing course we did with Jackie. Don’t be put off by the name – it was both practical and empowering. I feel happy and ready to go into labour and whatever it may throw at me. Jackie was brilliant, friendly, professional and so organized I’d highly recommend her.” Rebecca Wilson

Giving birth using Hypnobirthing means you experience the magic of your baby’s arrival into the world whilst being calm, alert and in control.

The classes cover:
• Understanding how the body and baby work together during labour and birth
& why hypnobirthing makes birth more comfortable
• Place of birth – your options
• What to expect in labour and when to go into hospital/birth centre/to call the midwife
• And understanding of what helps and what hinders the birthing process
• The Birth Partner’s very important role in the whole birth journey (starting now!)
• Techniques to release fear and tension – which can lead to interventions
• Self hypnosis to bring about deep relaxation
• How best to communicate your wishes with hospital staff / birth plans
• Interventions that will be offered to you and the benefits and risks of these
• Massage techniques to aid the release of endorphins – the body’s powerful anaesthetic
• Visualisation techniques, breathing techniques and positive affirmations
• Postnatal topics (if this is your second baby you may not wish to stay for this part,
though you are of course welcome to as a refresher)
• The Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing book
• A detailed folder of handouts
• The Colour & Calmness MP3
• Unlimited email contact before, during and after the course