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I had been training with Mathilde for about a year and was aware of herstrengths as a trainer, her focus, enthusiasm and her commitment to fitness.  Following serious injury I was unable to walk for several months and when I was able to return to Mathilde for training our sessions were at a completely different level as she helped build up my strength and confidence.  She was completely focused and dedicated to returning me to full strength and fitness.  She took in to account exercises set by my Physio and developed a full work out round them.  I saw significant progress in a short space of time.  On days when my confidence in my abilities was low or I experienced frustration when I couldn’t achieve the most simple thing Mathilde was completely supportive and encouraging”. Jane Skipper

“After an accident in December 2010 I was left with limited use of my left leg with nerve damage and severe muscle weakness. After a year of physiotherapy was completed I was left unable to do basic leg functions, such as lift my leg from the floor, stand up from a chair or walk up stairs. I started attending weekly sessions with Mathilda at Training Points in December 2011 and continue to do so one year later. My injured leg, or ‘working really hard leg’ as Mathilda calls it has improved dramatically and wonderfully. With Mathilda’s help I am now able to walk longer distances, climb stairs and have recently been able to raise my leg from the ground. Mathilda’s knowledge, kindness, patience and encouragement have helped motivate me to carry on when I wanted to give up and continue my rehabilitation programme to continue my journey to recovery. I couldn’t have done it without her and Training Points” Annabelle Keegan