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Personal Training


Our clients are from 8 years old to 70+. For children under 18, please call us to arrange training sessions for them, parental supervision may be required depending on their age.

The Benefit Of Personal Training

• Weight loss around abdominal, legs, hips and arms
• Tone & shape specific muscle groups
• Improve balance and flexibility
• Improve overall strength level
• Decrease aging process and stay on top of fitness
• Weight management; food intake and physical activity
• Sport specific improvement; running, tennis, golf, football etc.
• Help complete a marathon or other races
• Improve your cardiovascular fitness

Options With Your 30 Min Free Trial Session

Book 30 min free trial, complete a questionnaire form online.

Functional & Sport specific training used in personal training

Functional movement is something we perform in everyday life, throughout the day. Such as pushing, pulling, rotating, lifting, bending and standing.

We work with people with various illness & injuries to improve their everyday life.

Posture and body alignment is very important in every exercise we give you.

In addition we specialise in reflex and power exercises for you to achieve efficiency in your favorite sport, whether that sport is a high competition level or just a hobby.

We can also assist in improving your endurance in your chosen sport, where we focus on building up strength.