Training Points Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Injury & Repair

Sports Massage Therapists at Training Points are qualified to assess local injuries, allowing us to perform the appropriate massage techniques.

Few examples why sports massage will benefit you

• If you suffer from shoulder pain when sleeping on the side
• If you have constant back pain or neck pain, when sitting for long hours in the office or in the car
• If you have light pain on your knee when running or walking up the stairs, this pain are more often sign of tight muscles around the knee joint
• If you feel congested around the neck, which leads to headache
• After a workout, to clean the muscle fibres from congested energy and toxins and too improve the flexibility
• If you feel stressed and tired

Massage increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibres, hereby enhancing repair in addition, massage will aid the drainage of waste products, and can minimise the negative effects of scar tissue by correcting alignment. Sports Massage will benefit those with long-term or short-term injuries, with the added benefit of aiding relaxation.

Other Benefits

• Sports Massage can affect the mental state by either stimulating or reducing the level of stress
• Effective in reducing anxiety and will provide an overall feeling of well-being
• Increases the flexibility of the muscle and skin tissue and increases the range of movement
• Removes cellulite and improves skin condition
• Stimulates the Lymphatic system, aiding the reduction of swollen tissue (oedema)