Training Points Kettelbell


Beginner to Advanced

Kettlebell swing with one single or a double kettlebell weight.

This old training style which originates from the Gladiators, is today transformed by the Russians, and is simply applied by Training Points.

It is the dream workout, adored by martial arts fighters all over the world and is amazingly efficient for achieving weight loss.

It works on posture, balance, power, speed and is also cardiovascular.

In this class there is a circuit training towards the end.

Just enjoy it!! Kettle bells are viewed by many as the ultimate conditioning tool; the kettelbell class provide an effective, fun , functional and adaptable training for all.

It can also be used to gain strength and power, muscle endurance, “functional” abilities, core function, sports performance, flexibility, body composition and cardio vascular fitness.

Those that use the Kettlebell will be more than repaid in development and strength.