Community Classes

*Community Classes*
Come join one of our community offerings! Each week a teacher from our team
will lead you through their style of class.  You can expect anything from
pilates, barre, tai-chi or yoga so be sure to check the schedule to see
what offerings are on that week. Sliding scale pricing* is available for
all of these sessions, all bodies and abilities welcome.
*This sliding scale pricing scheme represents the idea that financial
resources should not be the only determining factor in whether or not
someone can access the services on offer. We believe in leveraging
privilege to support others in our community. We invite you to assess your
own circumstances and social location and pay on the scale according to
your ability. Justice pricing allows us all to support accessibility for
everyone. It is interdependence in action.
*1 )Supporter Rate / Pays for yourself and others*
People paying at a higher level will be helping enable community members
who are experiencing financial difficulties an opportunity to participate
at a lower rate. This is for those who have expendable income, own
property, and have regular income from steady employment.
*2) Sustainer Rate / Pays for you*
This is the base cost of the class, the price that would be charged  to all
students in the absence of the tiered scheme. If you have access to
financial security, own property or have personal savings, you would not
traditionally qualify for sliding scale services. If you are able to pay
for “wants” and spend little time worried about securing necessities in
your life, you have economic privilege and power in our community. This
price is for you.
*3) Community Rate / Discounted rate*
The Lower rate represents an honest acknowledgment that there are those
whose economic circumstances would prevent them from taking part in the
classes offered if there was not a deliberate opportunity made for them to
access services at a cost reflective of their economic realities. If you
struggle financially, we acknowledge that you should still have access to
these classes and that your contribution is equal to those of higher income