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Covering the when, what and how of healthy infant weaning.

The talk is given by Jayne Russell, a qualified Nutritional Therapist since 1992.

90 minute group session for a minimum of 4. Arrange a group of 6 or more and get £5 discount each.

Cost is £30 per person and includes tea, biscuits and handouts
The talk will include-

  • when to start
  • what to feed you baby and what to avoid
  • progression of feeding and dropping milk feeds
  • purees (making, combining, textures, etc)
  • baby led weaning
  • allergies and intolerances
  • choosing commercial baby foods

with tips and tricks throughout on how to make weaning healthy and fun!

For course information, booking and payment details contact: Jayne on 020 8653 4781