Soundbaths Meditation 90m

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This class runs EVERY Friday.

Integrating diverse influences, this unique sound bath meditation is a beautiful cross-cultural and cross-dimensional musical journey for meditation, healing and personal exploration of the secret, the sacred and the unknown. Involving Tibetan singing bowls, bells, shakers, African harp, voice and more. It is a group session held in a form of ceremonial sound gathering.

Therapeutically, the session is especially recommended for releasing stress, trauma, grief, depression and associated physical ailments through deep physical relaxation, emotional rebalancing, spiritual discovering and revival.

It is an hour long, lying down meditation held in a beautiful sonic atmosphere.The specialist singing bowls used in the session were designed and developed by the Peter Hess Institute, specifically as healing tools. Each bowl is precisely tuned to vibrate at the exact frequency corresponding to the natural frequency of a healthy bodily organ. Through resonance, this literally tunes, harmonises and restores the body’s natural, healthy state of being. This meditative treatment makes each cell of our body vibrate and the whole system remember, how to be well! It gives the mind and the spirit opportunity to travel to find healing, wisdom, ideas, answers, bliss, connection, beauty and to meet our higher self.

You can bring a blanket for extra comfort & warmth. We provide cushioned mats to lay on.

The session run for 90mins

Important information:
Book your class online to secure a place. The class is very popular.

If you wish to pay on arrival, please arrive minimum 10-15min before the class start.


  • Pay as you go
  • £20
  • 5 classes, valid for 8 weeks
  • £75