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Pregnancy Massage with Lymphatic Drainage

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Pregnancy Massage with Lymphatic Drainage

Full Body Treatment
This treatment include the Neck, scalp, arms, hands, whole of the back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs & and the feet. We are working with Lymphatic Drainage Techniques.

Benefit of the treatment
The massage techniques relieve aches and pains
Boost circulation and help fluid retention
Relaxing and energising
Reduce swelling & puffiness

“I was 18 weeks pregnant when I had my first pregnancy massage with Mathilde and I was feeling stressed out at work and home and tired! To start, I was cocooned in blankets and soft towels and given headphones to wear which blanked everything out and sent me to a very peaceful inner place. The massage was soft and gentle but thorough and full body and I think I may have fallen asleep for a moment or two. I came out feeling really relaxed and stress free. Will be going back for more!”