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Pregnancy Kinesiology

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Support yourself during pregnancy

Kinesiology can play a big part in helping to keep a good balance for Mum and baby all the way through pregnancy and after birth too.

The baby’s needs are first and the baby will deplete the mother if need be.

A diet rich in carbohydrates, protein, fats and extra vitamins and minerals is essential for baby’s good development.

Though, it is very important that the mother has enough minerals and nutrients to keep for herself functioning, including enough water intake.

For example, if the mother is deficient the foetus/baby will; withdraw calcium from the mother’s bones and or teeth, take 50% of all her chromium.

How to help avoid exhaustion and postnatal depression

One of the best ways to not suffer from exhaustion and postnatal depression is to top up your chromium and B Vitamins so there is enough for you and baby. This will also help prevent sugar cravings.

To know exactly what your body needs, see our Kinesiologist Saadia Baig, she is brilliant.

“My first sessions with Saadia was before I got pregnant with our second child, One of my treatment was (at the time i was unaware) just before i conceived our boy Kalle. I was topping up my nutrients for a better health & treatment to relax mind and body. In the treatment Saadia said, she could tell that soon I would be pregnant as I was in a very fertile period. Within a week or so I was pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy and post natal I have had regular follow up treatments, my next session is coming up soon, my boy is now 22 months. Without Saadia’s help, treatment and advice, I wouldnt have achieved what I have, I feel very pleased”.

Mathilde, owner of TP