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Kinesiology is a form of natural healthcare, which uses muscle testing to identify imbalances and blockages/drains that are causing health issues within your body.

First we identify these imbalances using muscle testing, which is gentle and non-invasive. Then we correct them using specialised lymphatic or acupressure massage, nutrition/dietary recommendations, electrical balancing and emotional work.

Nutritional advice

Every time we eat or drink we are provided with an opportunity to either nourish and heal our bodies, or create a sequence of events that can adversely impact our health.

Chemicals and pollutants are also bombarding our bodies and food at levels never seen before.

We offer nutritional advice ranging from personalised dietary advice for weight loss and well-being, to supplementation and herbal combinations to support your lifestyle and health issues.

Bush flower therapies

Flower remedies are very powerful in helping us understand and resolve emotional issues such as stress or self-limiting patterns of behaviour. You will experience significant changes, both emotional and physical as you take your remedies, and a sense of harmony within.

In a session, we will typically have a discussion to understand what emotional and physical issues may be online for you, and validate these with emotional and/or kinesiology techniques. This will be followed by the identification of the right blend of flower remedies for you.