Baby Massage

Baby Massage 1-1

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Learn how to massage your baby in a 1 to 1 Course

Baby massage may help

Relieve colic and constipation
Improve baby’s sleep pattern
Enhance parent/baby communication
Strengthen baby’s immune system
Develop baby’s muscle tone and co-ordination

“Each night after my daughter has her bath and before I settle her for the evening she and I share a special time bonding together thanks to the guidance of Mathilde. The massage course has given me the opportunity to feel more connected to my baby and to enjoy the time when I’m not feeding, changing, settling… Just being. It’s beautiful.

Mathilde was so tender and clear in her instruction. I could see that Iris felt so at ease the minute we entered the space and as a result, she responds with such calm when she and I begin our massage time together. Mathilde’s voice, encouragement, and warmth made the experience so special. I can’t recommend the baby massage course with her more highly; not only a perfect way to bond all the more with your baby but in groups, one has the chance to meet other parents in such a lovely environment.”


  • 1-1, 1 session 45mins
  • £40
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  • 1-1, 3 sessions 45mins
  • £105
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